Boost Brand Awareness

by Melanie Kady July 17, 2023

Boost Brand Awareness

In an ever-increasing competitive environment, businesses are continually seeking innovative ways to engage with their customers and differentiate themselves. One such way that's been gaining popularity is using branded cookies. If you're looking for a unique and delicious method to show client appreciation while elevating your brand, look no further. This article explores how you can leverage logo cookies to thank your customers and simultaneously boost your brand awareness.

Individually Wrapped Branded Oreos with Edible Logo

What are logo cookies?

Logo cookies are custom-made with your 100% edible graphic applied. At Custom Cookie Co. you'll find a variety of high quality treats covered in Ghirardelli chocolates and decorated with your unique branding design. Each cookie showcases your company logo or any other design that may represent your brand. They're becoming a popular marketing tool due to their adaptability, aesthetic appeal, and because people can rarely say no to a cookie!

How to use Logo Cookies to Boost Brand Awareness:

Custom Cookie Cards as Thank You to clients

A company's participation in trade shows, seminars, promotional events, or industry meeting offers a prime opportunity for distributing these unique treats. Logo cookies can be an excellent conversation starter, inviting people to your stand and sparking discussion about products or services.

Using logo cookies during meetings can set a positive tone and act as a conversation starter. It helps humanize the business, highlighting that you appreciate their time.

What better way to celebrate a product launch than with custom-made logo cookies with your brands logo and colors? This ensures your product gets maximum visibility.

How to use logo cookies to thank your customers:

Wiki Star Wars Custom Iced Cookies for Holiday Gifts

Logo cookies can be a part of your Holiday gift baskets to loyal customers, showing your appreciation for their business throughout the year. Custom Cookie Co. can make your Holiday gifting simple. Just select your gift, send us your ship-to spreadsheet and we'll make sure your customized gift arrives on their doorstep on the delivery date that you request. 

Celebrating Customer Milestones, like the anniversary of their signup, with a dozen logo cookies delivers a personal touch, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A token of appreciation after a significant purchase or contract can go a long way in building a good relationship with the client.

Surprising an upset customer with an apology note and a box of logo cookies can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Conclusion. Bringing logo cookies in as part of your marking strategy can create lasting memories for your customers while pushing your brand into the limelight. Each cookie bite will serve as a delightful reminding of your brand and the good experience associated with it.

Remember, marketing need not always be about hard sells and aggressive promotions. Sometimes, sweet gestures, like gifting branded cookies, can carve a more profound and lasting impression in the customers' minds, accomplishing loyal brand appreciation.

How to use logo cookies to thank your employees:

Rice Krispies Treats | Corporate Holiday Gifts

Celebrate your employees and show your appreciation with a delicious sweet treat.  Don't forget to check out our Birthday Gifting Program.  Select your gift or price range, provide us your personalized gift message and provide us with all of your recipients birthdays to ensure they have cookies on their doorstep for their special day.  It's a sweet way to let them know you care.

What better way to show them you appreciate, than to send them delicious treats.  Custom cookies can be an extraordinary way to show appreciation; they leave a long-lasting impression.

Melanie Kady
Melanie Kady


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