Shipping Policy

Where We Ship:

We ship within the United States. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii require shipping via Overnight or 2-Day Air only. If shipping to these locations, an additional surcharge of $25 will be added to your total after your order is processed. Please contact our customer support at 800-710-8675 or via e-mail for more information.

We can ship internationally if the order meets quantity minimums, please contact us for a customized quote.
We do not ship to APO/FPO's, PO Boxes 

Shipping to a hospital: 
Patients may leave the hospital before the delivery arrives and we cannot guarantee delivery. Packages are normally sent to a general receiving department before being routed internally to the patient's room. The hospital can refuse delivery if this information is not provided. If you do decide to ship to a hospital, please be advised that the patient's room number is required. We are unable to issue a refund if the patient checks out or is unable to be located within the facility.

Shipping to a Hotel: 
If you are scheduling your package to arrive at a hotel, convention center or similar for an event or conference. Be sure to contact the hotel or event manager ahead of time to let them know you will be receiving a temperature-sensitive package prior to your arrival date. Most packages that arrive at a hotel are placed in a shipping room that is un-airconditioned, if a package says “perishable” on it, they will automatically place the box in a refrigerator. Either of these things would put your chocolate covered cookies at risk of damage. Please check to ensure the hotel is expecting the package and will hold the box in a room temperature office or space until your arrival. We mark all boxes with this information when shipping to a hotel, but we are not responsible and cannot refund if the hotel does not follow the instructions on the box. It is best to contact them directly as they are usually willing to accommodate their guests. 

Shipping to a Corporate office: 
Please inform the receiving department when your perishable package is expected to arrive so that they can ensure timely delivery of the product.

Shipping to a Residential location:
Please make sure someone will be available to receive the package immediately during summer months. The Custom Cookie Company cannot be responsible for the melted product if you (or the recipient of a gift) are not present at the time of delivery and the melting occurs as a result of the delay in claiming the package.

Requested delivery dates:
We do our best to ship so your package arrives on an exact date that you’ve requested but standard delivery is not a premium service. Although it rarely happens, your package may arrive a day early or late when choosing this method. 

If you wish to have your gift arrive guaranteed on a certain day (example: Valentine’s Day), we recommend Next Day Air. Early delivery is not considered a service failure and refunds/credits cannot be given. If you are unsure of what shipping method to choose, please contact us for help.

If you’ve purchased expedited shipping for guaranteed delivery dates, we cannot give refunds or credits on orders that have shipment delays due to bad weather and other Acts of God. 

Additional Shipping Information: 
Please be sure to go over your order confirmation to confirm shipping methods, delivery dates, and shipping address are correct. If you see an error, please contact our customer service team immediately via phone and/or email. We will not give refunds for orders that are lost or undeliverable due to an incorrect address. We are here to make your experience a sweet one, so please contact us if you're in doubt! We cannot guarantee that your delivery will be made if the shipping company is unable to deliver a package due to incomplete/incorrect address information. If a shipment needs an address correction, FedEx charges a $19.50 fee for re-routing the package. It will be at your discretion to pay the re-route fee, otherwise, the package will be discarded by FedEx.


Placing Bulk Orders By Email:

At The Custom Cookie Company we try to make ordering as simple as possible!  By approving orders via email, you are also agreeing to our shipping policy.  When placing a bulk order that will ship to multiple locations, we will provide you with our “ship-to spreadsheet”, this will allow you to place one large order and our team will be sure that each recipient on your list gets the gift you’ve selected.

After receiving the ship-to spreadsheet, you will fill out each line item appropriately.  Once the form is complete, you will save as a .CSV file and send to our team for fulfillment.  Please do not make any changes to the format of the spreadsheet or add formulas, as this could put your order at risk of uploading to our label system incorrectly and we cannot be held responsible for any error due to format or formulas added by the client.

Please note that delivery dates on bulk orders are estimated.  Although our team guarantees production within the given timeframe. We cannot give refunds or credits for supply chain and shipping carrier delays or other delays outside of our control