Happy Fortune Cookie Day

by Melanie Kady July 20, 2023

Happy Fortune Cookie Day

July 20th, isn't just any normal day. 

It's the day to celebrate the fortune cookie!  In a world filled with captivating national holidays, there's one that stands out for its sweetness and mystery - National Fortune Cookie Day.  Celebrated on July 20th, 2023.  This quirky holiday pays homage to the intriguing tradition of fortune cookies and the surprising messages they hold within.

The fortune Cookie, a delicate and perfectly crisp treat.  But have you tried one with silky Ghirardelli chocolate dip?  

 Chocolate Oreo®Giant Fortune Cookie with custom messageChocolate Dipped Logo Fortune Cookie with Custom Message Inside


We can even customize your fortune cookies with a personalized message.  
These are the perfect tradeshow giveaway cookies to hand out while walking around the show.  Let someone take a break and have a taste of the most delicious, crisp fortune cookie.  As they enjoy their sweet treat, you can wow them with your unique invitation to visit your booth in the fortune cookie message.  


All about the Fortune Cookie 

Santa Christmas Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookie Giant Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookie

Aside from being the perfect for trade show gift souvenir, our gourmet fortune cookies are perfect for corporate gifting, corporate events, weddings, holiday gifts and Christmas gifts.

Fortune cookies, those sweet treats often found at the end of a Chinese meal, have long held a special place in many hearts. While their exact origins remain a subject of debate, these delightful cookies have carved a unique niche in popular culture. Often wrapped in a thin, crispy shell and containing a slip of paper with a philosophical or prophetic message inside, fortune cookies have become synonymous with anticipation, curiosity, and a touch of mysticism.
The story of fortune cookies is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that they were invented in China during the 13th or 14th century, while others credit their existence to Japanese immigrants living in California around the early 20th century. Regardless of their true origins, fortune cookies found a new home in the United States and quickly became associated with Chinese cuisine.
The messages found inside fortune cookies are diverse and often convey wisdom, positivity, or encouragement. Sometimes they take the form of a funny joke or a simple one-liner, while other times they provide a more profound thought to ponder. From predictions about happiness and success to poetic snippets about love and nature, fortune cookie messages aim to uplift, entertain, and offer a glimmer of hope.
Fortune cookies have become an integral part of dining experiences at Chinese restaurants and have even made their way into other cultures, often associated with the end of a meal and the emergence of a new adventure. Some people eagerly crack open their cookies in search of a wise message that might hold the key to their future, while others embrace the playful nature of these treats, enjoying the surprise and charm they bring.
Beyond their traditional context, fortune cookies have found their way into various aspects of modern life. They have become a staple at Chinese New Year celebrations and weddings, where they offer blessings, well wishes, or fortunes for the year ahead. Fortune cookies have also penetrated pop culture, featuring in movies, television shows, and books, often serving as a symbol of whimsy and unexpected surprises.
In essence, fortune cookies are more than just sugary creations. They embody a sense of curiosity, hope, and wonder that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether one chooses to take their messages seriously or view them as lighthearted entertainment, these cookies continue to bring joy and a touch of the mystical to those who indulge in their sweet embrace.

Melanie Kady
Melanie Kady


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