Anniversary Logo Oreos

Each Anniversary Oreo cookie is dipped in delicious Ghirardelli white chocolate, then we add our anniversary logo and then each treat is decorated with matching sprinkles. To finish them off, each treat is then individually wrapped in cellophane for freshness.

Year Anniversary, 2 Year Anniversary, 3 Year Anniversary, 5 Year Anniversary,  10 Year Anniversary, 15 Year Anniversary, 20 Year Anniversary, 25 Year Anniversary,  30 Year Anniversary, 35 Year Anniversary, 40 Year Anniversary, 45 Year Anniversary,  50 Year Anniversary, 55 Year Anniversary, 60 Year Anniversary, 65 Year Anniversary,  70 Year Anniversary, 75 Year Anniversary,  80 Year Anniversary, 85 Year Anniversary, 90 Year Anniversary, 95 Year Anniversary, 100 Year Anniversary as well as different colors

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