21 pc Variety Gift Basket

Our delicious chocolate covered treat gift basket makes the perfect corporate gift! Each basket contains a variety of sweets: Handmade Rice Krispie Treats, Fresh Baked Sugar Cookies, Crispy S'more Grahams with Marshmallow crunch, and last but not least, the world's favorite cookie: Oreos.

This basket is available in 3 different styles:

Classics Only: 21 Ghirardelli Dark, Milk, & White Chocolate covered treats topped with chocolate drizzle, chocolate, marshmallow and toffee crunch.

Logo & Classic Combo: 12 Logo Branded Treats combined with a variety of our Classic Treats in Ghirardelli Milk and Dark chocolate.

Logos Only: All 21 treats customized with your logo to promote your brand and tickle your taste buds.

*Basket style may vary based on supply

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