Dark / Milk Chocolate Branded Corporate Oreos - 12 pcs

Leave an impression with your very own edible mini-billboards! Each Oreo is hand-dipped in your choice of Ghirardelli dark or milk chocolate... yes, real chocolate! Not a fake sugar substitute. To personalize your cookies we add your company's logo (it's edible!) and finally, each treat is decorated with matching sprinkles. Each treat is then carefully wrapped, individually in cellophane, for freshness. White chocolate dipped is available here for $2.50 each.

Use our corporate edibles for all occasions! We offer a unique way to create brand recognition among your clients and potential customers. Imagine their surprise when they find a gift box of cookies with your logo all over it! We offer a great way to identify yourself at business meetings, corporate functions, conventions, or just as a way to show a token of appreciation to a valued client.

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